Holiday Grant Programme

The 3H Foundation assists people with disabilities and their carers, who are on a low income, to enable them to organise a break for themselves in the UK.


The 2023 Holiday Grant Programme is now closed.

We will open the 2024 Holiday Grant programme in January.

If you have already submitted a holiday grant application and we are able to help you, we will contact you.


Enjoying the teacups on holiday.

In 2000 the popular holiday grant programme was set up to enable low income families with a disabled member to organise their own holiday in the UK.

Grants are generally awarded of between £250 & £550. The grant is given for the accommodation part of the holiday and is paid directly to the chosen venue.

Carer holiday grants enable carers to have a period of respite away without the person they care for.

The grant programme is always busy and we try to help as many people as possible. Sometimes our funding is limited and if we are not able to help you at the time you enquire, please check our website frequently to see if we have further funding available.

A holiday away from daily life enjoying new things.
Family in Blackpool with help from a holiday grant.
Post Holiday Questionnaire
Climbing the rocks on the beach while on holiday.
A family walk through the woods.


Playing mini golf in the rain.